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Blocks depends heavily on some awesome tools, it wouldn't be possible without them, so let's give some credit.


  • React: Rendering layer
  • Babel: Parsing, transpiling, transforming, and compiling JavaScript
  • Theme UI: sx prop and its components
  • Emotion: CSS-in-JS implementation for Theme UI
  • React Beautiful DND: Dragging and dropping components
  • Reach UI: Accessible component primitives for tabs
  • Feather Icons: Says it on the tin
  • Jest: Testing (hopefully by now tests have been written)


  • Gatsby: For compiling the site and community plugins
  • MDX: JSX in Markdown for docs pages


  • Prettier, Husky, Lint Staged: Code formatting
  • Preconstruct, manypkg, changesets: Monorepo tooling & package versioning
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